JOFEMAR Quality and ORP

Quality and ORP

In 1996, Jofemar Corporation became the first company in the vending sector to obtain the ISO 9001 international standard, awarded by TUV Rheinland, the most prestigious technical certification centre. All processes are currently regulated by an integrated quality and environmental management system that meets ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements.

This is how the company guarantees optimum compliance with all its procedures, effective control of materials and manufacturing processes, among other aspects, in an attempt to satisfy our customers and make our business profitable.

To guarantee that our performance improves continuously, the Quality Department works with the management team to define strategies and goals to be met every year, which helps to prioritise actions to meet these goals. The real performance and the results are audited externally to evaluate their efficacy and be able to implement improvements or corrective actions when necessary. A monitoring audit is carried out every year, and a renewal audit every third year, which have run smoothly since this process began in 1996.

Jofemar Corporación holds the following quality certificates:

• ISO 9001

• ISO 14001


Occupational Hazard Prevention

Occupational hazard prevention and safety play an important role in Jofemar Corporación’s strategy. Since 2004, it has had a dedicated department to manage and coordinate control and monitoring functions for all aspects of prevention.

It covers all areas of the Group and is complemented by a Health and Safety Committee that can periodically analyse the company’s situation in this field and respond to any needs that are detected.


Working with Safety Gloves