Corporate Values

Innovation as the main line of development

For Jofemar Corporación, innovation is our main line for development and growth, and keeps us competitive, guaranteeing sustainability and efficiency. Innovation has secured Jofemar’s leadership in this industry for several years.

Experts in mechatronic systems

As experts in complex mechatronic systems, our R+D+i aims to optimise not only operations but also products and services, improving processes and the qualities of these products, with our sights set on sustainable development.

After more than 40 years of experience in the vending sector, the company has developed its own know-how and now has the necessary technical capacity to produce highly innovative technological systems.

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R+D+i at Jofemar Corporación runs from setting up the idea and the initial research to creating prototypes and implementing development and testing activities prior to commercialising new products. This is endorsed by over 150+ registered patents.

At Jofemar Corporación, we innovate from a strategic perspective, organising and running our resources to encourage fresh ideas that lead to new knowledge, so we can transfer this knowledge to all areas of the organisation.

Research, Development and innovation

Committed to leadership and innovation, and from a sustainability perspective, Jofemar Corporación’s daily work applies the most robust, flexible and reliable production processes to give a fast and effective response to customers’ needs. The capacity to adapt and “customise” all solutions has always been a mainstay in the Corporation’s strategy.


Research, Development and innovation

This Innovation Culture to guarantee sustained growth in the long term is structured around the following strategic axes:

  • We invest most of our turnover in research, development and innovation (R+D+i).
  • Innovation in recruitment processes and talent management.
  • Analyse and boost creative skills among all our teams to encourage them to contribute ideas.
  • Technology surveillance systems.
  • Technology and innovation project management, focusing on the specific needs of each business area.
  • Constant evaluation of our work and the results obtained.

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Corporate Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Jofemar Corporación, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility to be our contribution to sustainable development and the best tool to generate value through trust among our interest groups, guarantee sustainability and excellence and stand by our commitments.

We are gradually aligning this CSR with our strategic goals, our mission and all our business to create shared value. Its application and development affect the entire chain of value, with support and implication from all members of the organisation.

Our commitments
Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitments

  • Improve our performance in terms of respecting the environment, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety.
  • Over the next few years, we shall implement processes to reduce mass consumption of raw materials and non-renewable energy. We innovate to develop new technology, products and services that encourage not only efficient and sustainable management of resources but also lower atmospheric emissions.
  • Promote development and use of environmentally sustainable technology.
  • Invest, innovate, research, develop and market environmentally-friendly and sustainable technology solutions, and promote the struggle against climate change through our on-going projects.
  • Promote innovation.
  • Production and commercial excellence. Maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Protection of the Group’s intellectual capital.
  • Encourage integration.
  • Support responsible social practice in all countries where we work.